Social Media Marketing Goes Mobile

Social media has proven to be an interesting player in the online marketing game. By maintaining an active presence on social media, Local advertising businesses are able to connect with customers in ways that it previously took big marketing budgets to accomplish.

It stands to reason that social media would evolve in response to the demands of on-the-go consumers. Yes, following the lead of just about everything else, dog treats social media has gone mobile.

It didn’t take businesses long to figure out the potential of mobile social media marketing. According to a 2010 study by eMarketer, over 650 million people around the world use smartphones to do tasks such as check emails and browse the Web. As more smartphones hit the market this year, white english labrador puppies that number will surely climb even higher.

So it’s not a big stretch to imagine being able to communicate with customers through your social media accounts, with the use of mobile apps. From one place, wherever you are, you will check your SM accounts for activity, post photos and links, tweet, respond to comments, confirm orders, puppies for adoption etc. You will then go to your inbox and send emails to customers on the fly.

It sounds like a busy executive or salespersons’ dream. Mobile apps for social media integrate many value-added activities into one seamless and productive work day. Time, always a valuable commodity, can be used more wisely and more can get done with fewer delays and obstructions.

Mobile social media marketing has the power Ai Social Media Marketing App to open up new channels of communication for businesses by converging several activities with technologies that help them get accomplished. This convergence is key to building stronger relationships and attracting new customers.

Combining email, social media and other mobile applications gives businesses more agility. When integrated into a content marketing campaign they will work more efficiently than if utilized separately. Here are some ideas for making mobile social media marketing work for you:

  • Create mobile-accessible content: Make sure that your blog, newsletter and website content is accessible through your SM accounts by adding share functionality. Your LinkedIn, Emsculpt NYC Twitter and Facebook networks will then be able to access it easily from their mobile devices.
  • Get interactive: Prospective customers often need a quick and easy way to interact with you. Without this capability you might lose sales; with it, you can build a strong customer and lead base. Offer quick codes that allow people to text you for more information, get video demos or contact your team from wherever they are.
  • Offer apps: Mobile SM marketing gives you an opportunity to share time-saving and useful features with customers and followers. Consider developing an app that your customers would find helpful, such as an app for managing their accounts.


With mobile social media marketing, your business can do more with less. It still takes time and diligence to maintain professional relationships, but the technology is emerging that makes it much easier for busy people to do business on-the-go. And that is music to a mobile society’s ears.


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